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A delightful choir singing challenging repertoire to a high standard.” (Michele de Courcy, Senior Research Fellow at the University of South Australia)

At the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition in 2015.

At the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition in 2015.

Harlequin Chamber Choir is a small, carefully-balanced ensemble of around 20 confident choristers who enjoy the challenge of holding a part independently or in a small group.

Harlequin aims to present communicative and engaging concerts of a high standard. As you will see from our rapidly-growing repertoire list, the choir presents a hugely diverse range of repertoire throughout the year. We sing both unaccompanied and accompanied, memorised and from score, large-scale works and concerts of individual songs.

Based on the border in Cranleigh, between Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire, the choir attracts singers from all three counties with singers coming as far as from Brighton and Fulham.

Weekly rehearsals are fast-paced. As well as giving concerts, the choir meticulously rehearses repertoire for high-profile competitions. The mixed-voice ensemble is also often booked as a semi-chorus in large-scale choral works, and contributes to the concert programmes of fellow chamber groups. With concerts, competitions, charity events and recording sessions, Harlequin enjoys a varied schedule. We enjoy occasional wedding singing and are indebted to the popular Surrey Hills wedding venue Gate Street Barn for choosing us as their recommended choir. We are a busy choir and well-deserved chill-out time is reserved for the pub and the traditional after-concert curry.

On this website, you can peruse our rapidly growing repertoire list, our concert schedule, news items and contact details. Regular updates are posted on our Facebook page and on the news page of this site. Thank you for taking the time to find out about us.

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